1. Tek Tok Studio @ the NCSC One conference

On 3 and 4 June 2013 Tek Tok was present at the International NCSC One Conference in the World Forum The Hague. With more than 1000 visitors from all over the world, the conference was fully booked. The National Cyber Security Center asked us to do interviews with some of the key note speakers and the audience, so people outside the conference could also get a glimpse on what was going on. Here are the interviews:

1. Jon Callas (Silent Circle) on smart phone encryption and the Black Phone
2. Melanie Rieback on Radically Open Security
3. Nelly Ghaoui (NCSC) on the cyber security campaign Alert online
4. Oscar Koeroo (KPN) on SCADA, Responsible Disclosure and Operation Cyberpaint
5. Marijn Schuurbiers (Dutch police) and public prosecutor Lodewijk van Zwieten on bad hosting
6. Academics Dan Bernstein, Tanja Lange and Nadia Heninger claim "Cryptopocalypse is near"
7. Frank Brokken (RUG) finally meets @XS2all4me, who hacked his university
8. Jane Wainwright (PWC) and Elly van den Heuvel (NCSC) on the female factor in security
9. Marnix Dekker (ENISA) on the European Cloud Strategy
10. Jeroen van der Ham (UvA) on "Vulnerability reporting in academics"
11. Pilosopher Joshua Corman on "Sharks, Anonymous and safety"
12. Paul Vixie (Farsight Security) on how the openness of the internet is poisoning us
13. Dave Merkel (FireEye) and Raymond Bierens (Atos) form smart coalitions in cyber defense"
14. Aart Jochem and Elly van den Heuvel (NCSC) on this conference as a smart coalition